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All Dogs Go To Linda is every loving dog owner’s resource for professional canine care tips and information. This is a dog blog based in Elkton, Virginia, sharing Linda’s own experience in the industry along with the best products, techniques, and know-how for having strong, family-friendly dogs.

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A Canine Blogger You Can Trust

Linda Guenther is trained as a veterinary technician and is experienced in raising and caring for pups. Since 1997, she has been breeding beautiful Boston Terriers, focusing primarily on each dog’s health. These adorable babies are raised in her loving home where she keeps an eye on them 24/7. Today, she wishes to share with you her knowledge on nurturing happy dog families.

Applying Professional Expertise

As an individual trained in being a vet tech, Linda does a series of steps to ensure her dogs grow strong and happy. The puppies are dewormed at regular intervals, microchipped for safety, and undergo dewclaw removal as an added prevention step. Before they go to their new homes, they also get their first distemper or parvo shot. Finally, she keeps mamas and babies on pet vitamins NuVet Plus to help develop strong immune systems!

Dog Dilemmas?

Let a qualified professional know how she can help! Reach out to Linda for any pup-related questions you may have.